M E D E ▲

Medea the barbarian Now accursed
With these my hands of the barbarian
Hands shriveled skewered torn open over and over
I want to break humanity in two
And live in the empty middle I
No woman [Weib] no man What are you screaming about Worse than death2
Is old his kisses dignify you the hand
Which sends you death do you know life
That was Corinthia Who are you Who dressed you
in the bodies of my children
What sort of animal lurks behind your eyes
Are you playing dead Aren’t you putting on your mother
You’re all actors Liars and traitors
You’re possessed by dogs rats snakes
Which howl and whistle and hiss I hear it well
O I’m so clever I’m Medea I
Don’t you have any more blood Now everything is still
The screams of Colchis also silent And nothing more